Jennifer Savage, MA, LPC


Jen Savage is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an EMDRIA approved EMDR consultant. She works in the private practice sector utilizing EMDR Therapy with all ages and populations. She started her professional journey primarily working with children and adults suffering from substance abuse. Jen provides EMDR Therapy and trauma education at two residential facilities, as well as at an out patient center. More recently, Jen has started offering EMDR Therapy intensives for individual seeking trauma healing in a more concentrated setting.

Melissa Benintendi MA, LPC


Melissa Sundwall is a Licensed Professional Counselor, as well as an EMDRIA approved EMDR consultant. She works in a private practice setting primarily treating adults and families suffering from trauma. Melissa has a special focus in dissociative disorders and holistic healing. She teaches about the impact of trauma on mental health at a local University in Springfield Missouri. Melissa is also a Reiki teacher and practitioner and is developing a protocol for the integration of energy healing, trauma release massage, and EMDR Therapy.

Bridger Falkenstien, MS, PLPC

Bridger Falkentien

I believe that we are wired to connect with each other in deep and meaningful ways throughout all of our lives. While ideally this would happen free of pain and sadness, most of us aren’t that lucky. From one single event to a lifetime of pain and suffering, I work with people all across the map to help them shed the scars of their pain and embrace the warmth and beauty of their best self. With total compassion and an unconditional posture, I seek each person’s flourishing in every moment I get to spend with them.


Welcome to Beyond Trauma podcast! This is a podcast from therapist for clients about the healing journey. We hope this will be a resource of encouragement, comfort, insight and understanding for you along this courageous process.


Beyond Trauma is a psychotherapy podcast from therapists for clients about the journey of trauma recovery. While resources like this can be helpful, we also encourage you to find a trauma informed therapist in your area to be your guide in this healing journey. Take a minute to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes or Spotify and we would love it if you’d leave us a review. You can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Patreon!

Beyond Trauma podcast was created by licensed therapists from Beyond Healing Center! Creating a client podcast seemed like a helpful and efficient way to reach individuals who are seeking guidance and healing. We already enjoy discussing these topics over coffee, so we added a couple of microphones and decided to make it public!


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