The Head Triad: Enneagram Type 5, 6, and 7

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Empowerment Self-Defense w. The Safety Team

Trauma-Informed Self-Defense Moving one’s body in mindful ways can greatly impact well-being and healing. The cornerstone to establishing safety for others is through relationship. So, The Safety Team focuses on creating safety

Can I fail at therapy?

Can I Fail at Therapy? It’s important to not think of therapy as a test Your therapist is not a teacher that is grading you Or a parent ready to scold you.

Enneagram (38)

I have a question about the Enneagram. I took the test online and got my type but when I read the description, I don’t think it fits me at all. Do you

Personality Assessments (37)

Using Personality Assessments Self-assessments can help make sense of yourself in relation to other people. Personality assessments can describe your strategy or state. However, due to the limited results and biases, they

Beyond Trauma Season 3! (35)

Thank you, Beyond Trauma listeners! We’ve hit more than 40,000 downloads (Feb 2022)! Past seasons have set the foundation for listeners to understand what therapy and trauma are. Beyond Trauma started on

Mentalization (34)

Mentalization Mentalization is the way we understand our emotions and thoughts. It’s also the way we understand other people’s emotions and thoughts. The creation of these templates begins very early in life.
What is trauma?

What is Trauma? (repost)

As you continue to explore if therapy is right for you, listen in as we define trauma in anew way. Discover what it means to experience trauma and how it can impact

Attachment and the nervous system (repost)

American Culture’s View of Attachment Attachment = Romantic Relationship Sometimes, it feels like a sign of neediness or dependency  Being attached is often viewed negatively in our culture. Yet, everyone craves feelings
Beyond Bright

Have a Beyond Bright Holiday Season!

Have a Beyond Bright Holiday! Jen & Bridger talk about the upcoming re-release schedule for December and what to expect from Beyond Healing Media in 2022. Stay tuned to the very end

Episode 29: Co-Regulation (RUAC)

Co-Regulation or Self-Regulation? To clarify, true ‘self’ regulation is a myth. In actuality, it’s internalized co-regulation. Internalized co-regulation is the evoking of your body’s felt experience of what it feels like to

Ep. 26: Recognize (RUAC)

Listen in to hear Jen and Bridger talk in-depth about recognize, the R in RUAC. Missed episode 25? Listen here to learn more about R.A.U.C. Recognize First, learn to recognize what dysregulation
finding your therapist, autonomic nervous system, therapeutic relationship

Episode 3: Finding Your Therapist

Finding the right therapist requires several considerations. Listen in as we explore thepractical and relational considerations in seeking a therapist that will be the best fit foryou. Finding Your TherapistPractical Considerations:-Location-Money/Insurance-Time and