Episode 29: Co-Regulation (RUAC)

Co-Regulation or Self-Regulation? To clarify, true ‘self’ regulation is a myth. In actuality, it’s internalized co-regulation. Internalized co-regulation is the evoking of your body’s felt experience of what it feels like to

Episode 28: Attunement (RUAC)

(4:23) “Once we’re able to recognize, hold a posture of curiosity and seeking more understanding and trying to explore where this comes from, then we want to offer attunement.”  Often the process

Ep. 26: Recognize (RUAC)

Listen in to hear Jen and Bridger talk in-depth about recognize, the R in RUAC. Missed episode 25? Listen here to learn more about R.A.U.C. Recognize First, learn to recognize what dysregulation
finding your therapist, autonomic nervous system, therapeutic relationship

Episode 3: Finding Your Therapist

Finding the right therapist requires several considerations. Listen in as we explore thepractical and relational considerations in seeking a therapist that will be the best fit foryou. Finding Your TherapistPractical Considerations:-Location-Money/Insurance-Time and