post-traumatic growth

Episode 11: Post-Traumatic Growth

Listen in to hear Jen, Melissa and Bridger discuss the concept of post-traumatic growth and how this understanding can help you through your healing journey. What is Post-Traumatic Growth? Post-traumatic growth is

Episode 9: Family and Relationships

Listen in as we explore the connections between healing from trauma and close relationships.  How does trauma impact our family and relationships? -Struggles with trust: our earlier life experiences shape our nervous
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Episode 8: Overcoming Trauma

Today we explore the depths of how trauma shows up in our lives and how we begin to heal from those experiences.   Definition of Trauma:  Too much for too long, too little

Episode 6: Will I Have To Talk About It

Listen in to “Will I Have to Talk About it?” to hear Jen and Melissa discuss how therapy can still be beneficial even when parts of the past are too difficult to