Can I Fail at Therapy?

  • It’s important to not think of therapy as a test
  • Your therapist is not a teacher that is grading you
  • Or a parent ready to scold you.
  • Rather, therapy can be viewed as more of a dance
  • And you can have a bad dance partner 
  • And perhaps not click with a certain therapist 
  • But you can’t fail the relationship 
  • Culturally, the US has a pass/fail dynamic 
  • As a culture, we prefer perfection over the human experience.
  • The way we talk about therapy is laden with cultural values
  • So it’s unsurprising how often clients question their ability to do therapy “right.”

Am I a Bad Client?

  • Rarely, a client may not have good intentions and not participate
  • But, usually, this isn’t the case.
  • A client may be a little clumsy at the beginning
  • And it may take some time to learn the rhythm 
  • But they want to be there
  • So no, you aren’t “bad.”

Discovering What Works for You

  • You can’t fail at therapy,
  • But a certain type of therapy may not be what’s needed at the time
  • Though, in our opinions, therapy boils down to a healthy and safe relationship.
  • And there’s never a time that’s inappropriate.
  • Additionally, the original goal might not be what ends up being worked on 
  • However, be open to discovering what therapy can do for you
  • Instead of being focused on a predefined goal to achieve

You Can’t Fail At Therapy

  • Even though it might be awkward and unnatural at the beginning
  • Be committed through the awkwardness
  • And the coming back together
  • Trusting that it will take you somewhere beautiful 
  • Remembering that its all part of the process
  • In summary, it is possible for a therapist and client to not have the best dynamic
  • It’s possible the therapy modality and goals aren’t the most effective at the time.
  • But, therapy is a relationship.
  • And relationships aren’t something you can fail at.

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