Listen in to hear Jen, Melissa and Bridger discuss their relational interactions through the idea of intersubjectivity on the podcast and how they want to continue to provide desired content to their listeners.

We are committed to providing beneficial content to our listeners and improving the listening experience. 

  • We want to speak to the experience you have listening to us and know you are part of this relationship.
  • There’s listeners with diverse experiences and not everyone has the same feelings while listening. 
  • The intersubjective space with three hosts is a lot different than two.
  • Nonverbals are a large part of our interactions that aren’t seen by our listeners. 

We are not just podcasters, we are constantly creating, writing, conceptualizing and building therapeutic work. 

  • Sometimes, intentionally or not, we expand on ideas we are creating on the podcast through the intersubjective space between the three of us.  
  • There’s a lot of enthusiasm between us as friends/colleagues. Sometimes, we forget that this may not be explained to our listeners. 
  • We will work on turning down some of our enthusiasm that makes the information harder to process.

We want your feedback!

  • Notice That gets feedback on a variety of aspects of the podcast. We would love to know how it feels for you while listening to the episodes. 
  • How does this apply to me as a therapist with my clients? 
  • We want to make necessary accommodations while also embracing our own humanity. 
  • Find the balance of being human with our clients while still understanding appropriate boundaries.

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