Healing Is More Than Therapy (36)

What does it mean to heal?

  • The goal is to get to a point where your body and mind agree that you are safe in connection
  • Sometimes your mind may tell you that you are safe, but your body disagrees
  • For example, things like dissociation, anxiety, and depression can indicate that your body and mind are not in agreement about feeling safe  
  • We can create a disconnect of mind and body to convince ourselves that we are safe 
  • This can provide short-term relief from anxiety or fear but can prevent long-term healing 
  • It can be important to implement other methods in addition to talk therapy to help our minds and bodies agree.

“The state of healing is about the tremendous ability to be honest with ourselves in a moment-to-moment way of ‘how safe do I feel right here, right now?’”


Components of Healing

  • We will always be presented with new threats 
  • Therefore, healing is a perpetual process 
  • When we have safe and secure relationships, it can be easier to recover from potentially traumatic experiences 
  • Additionally, this helps aid in the healing process 

“I think one of the fundamental pieces to healing is having a safe place to be able to process the experience and share your feelings and be safe in that connection.”


Healing through therapy

  • “Therapy is designed to recreate a natural, safe relationship” (18:27)
  • Therapy is consistent 
  • Melissa’s lake metaphor  (19:20)
  • Feelings of fear and shame can be barriers to healing
  • But, having an environment of safe connection can help work through those feelings
  • Sometimes we have to figure out if the threat is coming from our environment or from within us 
  • This can be challenging to discern
  • However, therapy can be a space to help learn how to do this 

Healing outside of therapy

  • Bridger talks about a recent experience with a client (29:52)
  • We can look to children for inspiration
  • We can find things that bring natural cues of safety and invitation
  • Then, you can build upon these and find connection

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