Thank you, Beyond Trauma listeners!

  • We’ve hit more than 40,000 downloads (Feb 2022)!
  • Past seasons have set the foundation for listeners to understand what therapy and trauma are.
  • Beyond Trauma started on the floor of a living room with a single mic.
  • Now, we’re in a studio, with at least three mics, and a professional camera.
  • The podcast was birthed from the love of doing podcasts together
  • As well as a desire to give others a roadmap to healing.
  • Beyond Trauma has provided an adjunct to therapy, where clients could learn the language and concepts and then utilize them in their sessions
  • Listen to Episode 3: Finding Your Therapist
Bridger, Jen, and Melissa recording Beyond Trauma Season 1

Growth through Beyond Trauma

  • Being able to speak about these topics in a way that others find engaging has been a great point of professional development for the hosts.
  • Listener Experience (13:10)
  • Your therapist has a whole, full life outside of their role as therapist
  • Just as you have a whole life outside of your profession, family, friendships, etc.
Bridger, Melissa, Jen, and Ryan

We started as friends, and then we sort of ended as siblings

Welcome to Season 3!

  • Season 3 is focused on healing in the way of living after the fact, going on growing and being.
  • We don’t want this to be just from the hosts.
  • Instead, we want in to be a human story.
  • Where we get to process the stories of the listeners.
  • We want to talk about anything within the human experience
  • Are you a human? Did you experience something? Let’s process.
Bridger, Jen, Ryan, and Brooklynn (retreat coordinator)

Beyond Trauma Listener Engagement

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The Early Days

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Interested in supporting a child? 

  • 100% of the proceeds donated to the Burntout Educator will provide therapy for a child in the public school system
  • Not therapy capped at a certain number, but an open-ended relationship with a highly qualified therapist in the BHC network.