I have a question about the Enneagram. I took the test online and got my type but when I read the description, I don’t think it fits me at all. Do you feel like the online test is valid?

Listener Question


  • The Enneagram is heavily talked about and has been around for a very long time 
  • Originated in a spiritual tradition 
  • It is very detailed and nuanced including 9 types and subtypes within each type. 
  • Enneagram is best when learned with a mentor

The Validity of Online Enneagram Tests

  • Online tests can be unhelpful and inaccurate 
  • This is because it can identify strategies or current state of mind
  • Additionally, our desires while taking the test can influence our answers
  • Rather than showing who you actually are  
  • Jen shares her experience with taking the Enneagram test (11:27)
  • The Enneagram highlights parts that you might not want to relate to or are unfamiliar with
  • This can lead to you rejecting the information as a whole 
  • But, try to remember, it can bring you insight into certain aspects of yourself 
  • Rather than taking an online test, read about the different types and see what feels right
  • Then, discuss it with people you trust to see if it’s accurate

You can shift and bounce around different types 

  • Typically there’s a triad of types that you can shift through
  • You can have one core type and several other paths for stress and health 
  • The types have different strategies for handling stresses 
  • Melissa gives an example (28:19)
  • Gut triad vs. heart triad vs. head triad 
  • Describes the way your perspective on the world is skewed

Integrating the Enneagram in relationships 

  • The Enneagram can be helpful in navigating relationships
  • Through the descriptions, you can learn to better understand another’s strategies
  • Additionally, it can help you understand the needs and perspective of your partner
  • Allowing grace and understanding while navigating relationships.
  • Jen and Bridger talk about the Enneagram and their relationships (34:54)
  • Finally, the Enneagram can also benefit group decision making

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