Using Personality Assessments

  • Self-assessments can help make sense of yourself in relation to other people.
  • Personality assessments can describe your strategy or state.
  • However, due to the limited results and biases, they cannot give a complete understanding of who you are.
  • To obtain a full understanding of personality, its necessary to use multiple assessments.

“Personality assessments can be a mirror to us to say, ‘Hey, this is how you’ve learned to survive and relate to other human beings.’”


Development of Self

  • We are born with a basic set of traits and can see these traits in our family.
  • The culture of previous generations influenced our genes.
  • Keep in mind, genetics and experience interact with each other. 
  • This illustrates how genes are adaptive and change throughout life.
  • Jen talks of her daughter’s personality (11:50)

“We are so contextually dependent, we can morph and shape-shift depending on the environments that we are in.”


Temperament, Personality & Strategy

  • Personalities are the strategies developed while moving through your temperament.
  • Bridger’s explantion of temperament and personality (22:15)
  • Melissa shares a story of her daughter’s personality (26:18).
  • Bridger discusses how the Enneagram has been beneficial to him (30:42)

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