finding your therapist, autonomic nervous system, therapeutic relationship

Finding the right therapist requires several considerations. Listen in as we explore the
practical and relational considerations in seeking a therapist that will be the best fit for

Finding Your Therapist
Practical Considerations:

-Time and availability
-Types of therapy (modalities used) Is it the right fit for my needs?

Attunement Considerations:
-Coming to therapy already activated (def: agitated, anxious, tense, nervous, energized)
-How does my body feel around this person and in this space?
-Autonomic Nervous System
-Consider telling your therapist how you feel coming to therapy in their office for the first
time and see how they respond. Are they receptive? Willing to engage with that? Interested?
-Do you feel more or less regulated after your session? (Regulated means calm, activation
has lessened).
-Do I feel more hopeful at the end of the session?
-Do I want to go back?
-Bad fit vs. triggering?

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