In this episode, we discuss what it’s like to go to therapy for the first time as a client. We dive in deep to the details of the first session and what a new client can expect. 

Topics covered in the episode include 

  1. Going to the Office for the first time:

          -Where is it?

          -It’s ok if it feels awkward and weird

          -Share your experience with your therapist

          -Don’t lie when they ask you about your experience of how you feel about being there

      2) Where do I sit? 

      3) Paying attention to your body, thoughts and feelings when interacting with your therapist

      4) Approaches to the first session

          -mandated reporting and confidentiality

          -Electronic Health Records vs Paper Forms

          -structured vs. semi-structured approaches

          -Don’t forget this process is all about you

          -If there’s ever a question you’re not wanting to answer, give yourself permission to set your own pace

     5) Wrapping Up the Session:

         -50 minutes sessions- Keeping the time

         -When and Where to pay

         – Rescheduling- regular sessions vs sessions as needed

    6) Reflecting After The Session

          -how did you feel before, during and after your time with this therapist?

          -while the healing journey takes time and relief isn’t always immediate, there should be a sense of connection, safety and hope